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  • Description: COVID-19 Response Update: Offering services by phone.

    Provides subsidized child care expense assistance to eligible families. Done through one of the three following payment plans:

    Alternative Payment Program
    Pays for all or part of child care expenses while parents work, seek work, attend school, seek permanent housing, are deemed incapacitated, and/or at risk by a legally qualified professional. Families select caregivers from a variety of licensed and license-exempt child care providers.

    Provides parents with the cost of child care as they transition off cash aid/welfare assistance.

    Child Protective Services
    Provides child care to children certified to be at risk of abuse or neglect because of inappropriate parenting, a family medical emergency, or other family crisis.
  • Website:
  • Phone(s): (805) 437-1910
  • Hours: Mon 8:30am - 5pm; Tue 8:30am - 5pm; Wed 8:30am - 5pm; Thu 8:30am - 5pm; Fri 8:30am - 5pm; Sat 8:30am; Sun 8:30am;
  • Eligibility: For all Programs:
    -Must live in or work in Ventura County, be employed or in an educational program, and child must be between 0 to 13 years of age. Child Care Specialists determine client eligibility based upon income level and availability of funds.

    -For Calworks program: Families are referred through local offices of the California Department of Social Services. They can also self-refer by completing the eligibility questionnaire.

    -For Child Protective Services program: Eligibility is established by written referral from a qualified medical, legal, or social services entity.
  • Requirements: Proof of current gross income. Copy of birth certificate of child. Personal photo ID.
  • Areas Served:
    • Ventura United States
  • Categories:
  • Contacts:


Location Name: MAIN OFFICE

  • Accessibility: ADA accessible.
  • Physical Address: 1801 Solar Drive, Suite 195, Oxnard, CA, 93030

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