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  • Description: ADA certification is required to utilize paratransit services. Paratransit services include curb-to-curb or door-to-door transportation or a shared ride service that operates at the same time as bus services.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is afederal law whichprohibits discrimination based on disability in employment, public services, transportation, public accommodations, andtelecommunications.

    The transportation section of the ADA requires that fixed route transportation systems must be accessible to those with disabilities. The law also provides for complementary paratransit service if the buses are not accessible or if your disability or condition prevents you from using fixed-route public transportation.

    Ventura County's ADA certification process is done through the Mobility Management Partners (MMP). Mobility Management Partners is a nonprofit that provides easier access to mobility services throughout the community.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone(s): (888) 667-7001
  • Hours: Mon 8am - 5pm; Tue 8am - 5pm; Wed 8am - 5pm; Thu 8am - 5pm; Fri 8am - 5pm;
  • Eligibility: Individual must have a temporary or permanent, physical, mental, visual, cognitive, or other disability?or limitation that would impact ability to access a fixed route bus service,?you may be eligible for ADA Certification.
    The disability may need to be verified by a healthcare professional.?

    If individuals need a better understanding as to the requirements for an ADA certification, visit the Mobility Management Partners (MMP) website at
  • Requirements: Documentation from a healthcare professional may be required. Call for more information.
  • Areas Served:
    • Ventura United States
  • Categories:
  • Contacts:



  • Accessibility: Potential limitations to access - call for details
  • Physical Address: Camarillo, CA, 93010

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